Musta-keltainen sulkupuomi teollisuusalueen ajoporttina kulunvalvonnassa.

Barrier gates

Barrier gates are often used in areas where fast cyclic access control is required for vehicle traffic, such as in industrial areas, pick-ups and parking areas. Under the booms, a safety loop is always installed on the ground. Its function is to prevent the boom from descending at the wrong time, ie when the vehicle is at the boom. We provide you with a variety of customized lifting, turning, sliding and traffic control booms.

Standard barrier colors

We install and sell domestic Temec lifting booms. Their standard color is black-yellow. It is also possible to get other colors or special paintings on the order.

Lift barrier dimensions

The booms are mounted on the boom and one boom can fill a 3-6 meter drive. As opposed to two, the two booms can cover up to 12 meters of gangway.

Automatics of lifting barrier

Automation that controls the use of booms can be connected to access control, but there are also alternatives. The automation of the booms is based on an inverter controlled three-phase motor.

Swivel barriers

We also produce swing gates (80x80mm) and slide booms (127x80mm) made of aluminum gate profile. The pivot booms have a similar hinge as the leaf gates, i.e. it only opens inward or outward. There is also no machining on the swivel heads. The maximum width of the boom is 6 meters, but if they are installed on both sides of the opening, then the maximum width is 12 meters. Sliding booms have a similar boom and roller like in escalators. The maximum width of the sliding booms is 8 meters and they can also be machined.