Pyöröportti toimii kulkuporttina panssariverkolla aidatulle työmaa-alueelle.

Turnstile gate

Requirements for safety and access control at many workplaces have become stricter. We can recommend a circular gate to use when there is a need to restrict and control passenger traffic. A turnstile gate, which is also called as baffle gate or turnstyle gate, only allows one person to pass through the gate at a time, both as a guide, and when an electronic access control is connected to the gate, for example in the form of an ID card reader, the result is a highly efficient passenger traffic management system for workplaces that do not have the capability of guarding and monitoring access control. The gate can also be used to control the flow of viewers, customers, or visitors.

Dimensions and specifications of the turnstile gate

We manufacture all the turnstile gates ourselves, so we can take into account the customer's wishes for turnstile gates and, if necessary, make customized solutions for size, appearance and equipment. The sturdy and sturdy frame of the turnstile gates is made of hot-dip galvanized steel. The basic color of the surface is therefore the color of the hot-dip galvanized steel, but it is also possible to obtain rotary gates in powder-painted RAL colors. The sweep height of the swing gates is 220 cm and the width of the passage is 80cm.

Access control

In most cases, some degree of electronic access control is installed on the gates, but the gates are also available as a mechanical version. In addition, it is possible to install lighting in turnstile gates to ease the use in the dark. The electrical technology used in turnstile gates is encapsulated and protected from the weather inside the roof structures.

Fixed or temporary turnstile gate

Rotary gates are delivered as a ready-to-use and an installation package. Fixed rotary gates are mounted on a cast concrete slab with heating. In this case, the platform of the rotating gate will remain molten even in winter and is not slippery and dangerous. It is also possible to install a rotary port on temporary sites such as construction sites or events, whereby we deliver a circular gate as a base version.