Hinged joint fenceHinged joint fenceHinged joint fenceHinged joint fenceHinged joint fence

Hinged joint fence

The hinged joint fence fits perfectly into the game fence, as the fence hinge node joints allow even the right fence to stretch as needed. Thus, the fence is giving some back, but then returns to its shape. The stretching properties of the net also make it easier to mount the fence on hilly and uneven terrain.

Hinged joint fence

Vertical and horizontal wires wrap together to form hinged fence that is sturdy and durable. In addition, fence installation is easier and quicker to set up requiring fewer posts. Rigid joints which allows the top or bottom of the net to be folded so that, so that under-digging or climbing can be prevented. The smooth joints reduces the risk of injury to animals and make it the handling friendly also for installers.



Information on hinged joint fence materials


Zinc-aluminum alloy wire, high tensile strength. The mesh sizes at the bottom shall be smaller and shallow and gets larger towards the top.

Available hinged joint fences: height of fence cm / number of horizontal wires / mesh width cm

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Our range includes saturated fence posts in the following sizes: diameter / length mm






The spacing between fence posts is approximately 4 meters.