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Modular fences

We import and install high quality Legi fence elements, made of steel wire welding. Fence elements are hot-dip galvanized and powder-painted at the factory after welding, so the weld seams are thus corrosion protected. Robust and secure elements are not only long-lasting, but also stylish and timeless, and are therefore well suited to the sustainable fencing of hard-to-use objects such as sports areas, schools, day-care centers, playgrounds, etc.

Three-wire fence

Modular fence elements are also referred to as three-wire elements, as they consist of two horizontal threads and one vertical thread. The vertical thread strength is 6mm and the horizontal thread strength is 8mm. The most commonly used mesh size is 50x200 mm (vertical), but mesh sizes of 35x200 mm and 100x200 mm are also available.

Color standards

Fence poles and modular fence elements are always hot-dip galvanized and can be both painted and hot-dip galvanized. The standard colors in stock are dark green (RAL 6005), dark gray (RAL 7016) and light gray (RAL 7023). Other colors are available on request.

Dimensions of the fence elements

The height dimensions of the elements are: 608mm, 808mm, 1008mm, 1208mm, 1408mm, 1608mm, 1830mm, 2030mm, 2230mm and 2430mm. The higher elements have tines of 22 mm on the second horizontal surface. The useful life of the elements is 2500mm and the bar distribution of the fence posts is done at 2500mm intervals. You can find more information about XXX elemental attitudes to sports venues on the XXX.

Pole options for the modular fences

Pole options are the hooked R-FIT or the list + bolt-mounted R-pin. Mostly, R-FIT poles are used for fencing the yards and plots, and R-poles are used for different ball fields due to their stronger duration. The posts are a 60x40 mm tube to a height of 2230 mm. 2430-3600 mm fence posts are made of 80x40mm thick tube and 4000-6000mm posts are made of 100x40-strong pole tube. The wall thickness of all poles is 2mm.

Installation of the modular fence elements

Element joints are very sturdy and durable, as they are erected by casting them on the ground with concrete. The rigid fence elements are fastened to the poles with overlapping joints, reinforced with a metal fastener.