Kaksijohteinen alumiinikaide suojaamassa juoksuradan kaarteessa.

Pipe railings

We manufacture and install modular, zinc-coated steel rails, light traffic lanes and treatment platforms. We manufacture and install railings and handrails tailor-made according to the wishes of our market.

Types and dimensions of handrail

The types of railings we produce are U40, U40 / 2 and U50, U50 / 2. The handrail is thus either 40 mm in diameter or 50 mm in diameter and galvanized steel in material. The railing type U40 is particularly suited for applications with shallow and railing.


Most of our handrails are either single- or double-stranded. The upper conductors are the handrail and the second intermediate line. You can also add a skirting board or even a net filler to the railing. The height of the railings and the number of intermediate cables are selected according to the application.

Railing installation

The handrail posts are fixed to the ground with concrete castings or bolt fastening to the concrete every 2 to 2.5 meters. Modular railings are quick to install and can withstand highly variable weather conditions. Railings are maintenance free.