Lehti- ja käyntiportit
Leaf swinging gates and access gatesTeollisuustonttia ympäröi panssariverkosta tehty aita sekä leveä, alumiininen saranallinen ajoportti.Rakennusten välistä piha-aluetta suojaa musta elementtiaita ja pihan molemmilla puolilla on saranoidut yhdistelmäportit, joissa on sekä ajoportti että käyntiportti.Pallokenttä on ympäröity mustalla elementtiaidalle, jossa on kaksilehtinen saranaportti huoltoajoa varten.Leikkipuiston ympärillä on tummanharmaa elementtiaita sekä yhdistelmäportti, jossa on saranoitu, kaksilehtinen ajoportti sekä yksilehtinen käyntiportti.Uimarannalle johtava saranoitu vihreä käyntiportti on auki.

Leaf swinging gates and access gates

Our range of steel and aluminum gates offers various leaf and access gates for different fence heights and widths of 1-8 meters. Gates are usually made on a per-order basis, so they are designed and dimensioned to suit your needs and target destinations. The leaf gate poles are made of aluminum or steel. The gate style and the color is determined by the fence, but leaf and access gates are available with fence element, chain link mesh and slattet fillings XXX. Usually the gates are hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated, but gates can only be obtained by hot-dip galvanizing.

Swinging leaf gate

A leaf gate can be either single or double-leaf. Mostly the gate leaves are symmetrically the same size, but if necessary, the gate leaves can also be made in different widths. Leaf gates are generally used in areas where there is some need for vehicle traffic. Depending on the case, a leaf gate can be opened either inwards or outwards. The gate can be mainly closed or can be kept open by, for example, the use of land latch . Leaf gates, which are also referred to as maintenance and drillholes, are particularly used for example for the properties of the schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and sports fields.

Gate dimensions

The height of the leaf gates is usually determined by the height of the fence, but may vary between 600-6000mm. The width of the single-leaf gate can be 800-4000 mm and the width of the double leaf up to 8000 mm.

Combination gates

Leaf gates can also be referred to as a hinge gate or gate . And when a gateway is attached to a magazine gate, it is often referred to as a service port. Such a combination port is a very popular option when pedestrians mostly go to a gated area, but there is also some vehicle traffic, for example, in maintenance-oriented.

Access gate

The pedestrian gate is always singel leaf swing gate, and its width can be 1-3 m. The height of the gate is proportional to the purpose of use, the height of the fence and the customer's wishes.

Standard colors

In addition to aluminum, the standard colors for both gates and port and combination gates are dark green (RAL 6005), dark gray (RAL 7016) and light gray (RAL 7023). Other colors are available on request.

Gate lockings

XX Low gates often use a lifting lock or a mechanical lock with a handle. Particularly in day-care centers and other places required for security locks, a Drop lock or a combined swing-arm rifle lock is preferred. All leaf swinging gates include a standard lock hook and a ground latch. The low leaf gates usually also use a swivel latch or a mechanical lock.