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Other products

Other products

In addition to various types of fences and gates, we also produce many other products made of welded mesh that you may want to know more about. On this page you will find gabions, raccon dog live traps, mallords tube nests and apple tree guards.

Gabions and their purpose of use

Gabions can be used in infrastructure construction, landscaping, and even private courtyards as a fence for hedging and cropping. Gabions can be used, for example, if there is a need for visual or audible protection, to limit or divide the yard area or the support wall to level out the height differences and ground the ground.


The Gabions are made according to the intended use, either of Legi mesh elements or of a 75x75mm batten net. Both are strong enough to withstand the pressure of the stones. It is possible to obtain gabions in different widths and lengths, ie tailored to suit each object.


The different sides of the gabions are secured to each other by means of zinc strips or C-rings. Depending on the object, the gabions can be used as a cover or without a lid. Partition walls are added to the stone bases to increase durability. The tie rods are also tensioned between the sides of the stone chests to preserve the body shape. The stones used in the gabions are not part of our range, but we give tips on how to obtain them.

KaNu trap - a live trap for animals

The Kanu trap is suitable for multi-sized game, but for example, when it comes to catching raccoon dogs, it has proved to be the most effective, as it is more traditional and more open than traditional fishing traps. The Kanu trap should be placed in a sheltered place along the path of the prey. The trap can be locked without triggering during the snack feed. The bait can be attached to a wire or trail. The bottom of the trap prevents the trapped animal from digging out of the trap, but it is good to cover it with some natural trap so that the animal dares to go to the bait. When the gear is on, it's important to check it daily.

Dimensions of the Kanu live trap

The Kanu live trap is made of a 3mm thick galvanized mesh with a mesh size of 30x60mm. The delivery package includes the parts needed to stack and tune the trap. In addition to tools, you need zigzag clips and side cutters. The Kanu live trap weighs 28 kg and its external dimensions are 66x127x200cm. The Kanu live trap is delivered unassembled.

Nesting tube for Mallards and ducks

The numbers of duck birds and the range of species have decreased over the years and therefore, among other things, artificial nesting tubes for mallords and other duck birds have been made to revitalize the population of duck birds. The idea is to create a safer place to nest for the duck birds. Experiences of these artificial nesting tubes have shown that the nesting tubes have been able to significantly improve the rate of successful nesting of duck birds.

Location and Installation

The best place for a nesting tube is in the water front near the grass, in the lake area where the mallords are nesting anyway. It is best to install the nesting tubes in the early spring when there is still ice on the lake. The nesting tube should be installed about one meter high from the ground so that the predators, such as raccoong dogs and minks, do not get there and water level fluctuations do not hurt the nest. The nesting tube shoulb be attached to the top of a metal tube or to a sturdy plastic tube. The stand of a nesting tube can also be made of wood, but there should be some kind of climbing barrier for minks. The length of the nesting tube should be at least about one meter so that the crows and seagulls couldn't get into the nest so easily to break the eggs.


When a mallord comes to a nesting tube, it either lands into the water first or swims next to the nest and the flies up into its nest. When leaving the nest, a mallord lands into the water first and only after that flies or swims away. From the nesting tube it is also easy for hatched ducklings to drop into the water when they are ready go.

Dimensions of the artificial door

Fingers do not take the pads themselves into their nest, so they have to be installed by the nest installer. For example, dry grass, straw or lake can be used as a padding. Cushions are not included. The length of the quilt is 105 cm and the inside diameter is about 29cm and the outside diameter is about 38cm. Pigs are delivered in rolls.

Welded mesh tree guards

In autumn, the trunks of both apple trees and other fruit trees in the garden should be protected by a dense net. In particular, the skin of young trees is too good for hare. And tastes like deers or oats if they are in the area. In addition to fruit trees, it would also be good to protect, for example, young column wounds and terrestrial waves.

Winter protection

Even if care was taken to protect the fruit tree trunks, then in the winter, getting thick may still expose trees to damage to rabbits and deer. Then you should shovel the snow around the trees or tuck the shoes down to get the most benefit from the safety net. In the spring, it is not advisable to hurry off the protective nets because the bark of the wood tastes surprisingly long for the hare. Only when the fresh grass starts to be a little on every side, the trunks of the tree can be at peace.

Tree guards dimensions

The tree guards we produce remain upright without the support. At the bottom of a tree guard, there are a few centimeters long, sharp vertical steel wires, which are pushed into the ground when installing a tree guard. Our tree guard is a folding model, which consists of five rectangular steel wire mesh parts (40x142cm). And our tree guards are higher (142cm) than normal tree guards to protect the trees better during the snow coverage in winter and also from the small deer animals.