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Chain-link fences

A Chain-link fence is an excellent option when you want a long-lasting, cost-effective and versatile fence to protect or limit some particular area. The Chain-link fence is therefore much used to protect properties such as parking lots, storage halls, sports facilities, industrial properties, recycling stations, rock cuttings, power plants and transformation fields.

Chain-link fence withstand weather conditions well, but the fence should be inspected at least once a year after the melting of snow in the spring to find out if the snow blowing machinery has damaged the fence during the winter.

High quality chain-link mesh

Our chain-link mesh is one of the highest quality in the market, as we manufacture the mesh with over 30 years of experience. In our chain-link mesh, we use only high quality wire with zinc content and tensile strength that meet the requirements of EN 10204-3.1. On our mesh weaving machine, it is possible to manufacture mesh of galvanized, PVC-coated steel wire, aluminum wire and stainless steel wire

Chain link mesh materials

Aluminum mesh: 3mm mesh and 5mm edge wire

Galvanized mesh: Mesh strength 2.5 and 3 mm, Edge wire strength 4 mm

PVC coated steel mesh: inner wire thickness 2-3mm, coating thickness 0.25-0.5mm depending on coating method

Dimensions of the chain link mesh

Standard mesh sizes are 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm. The standard heights of the chain link mesh are 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 1750mm, 2000mm, 2250mm, 2500mm, 3000mm. The maximum height of the mesh is 4000mm.

Installing chain link fences

The most common way to fix the fence posts to the ground is to erect them in the ground with concrete. The fence can also be installed on the rock. Chain link mesh is fastened to the fence posts with screws and grid clips and with edge threads using zips. Thus, the mesh can be tightened so that the fence becomes rigid, sturdy and firm.

Installing chain link fences

When installing chain link fences, we use a standard 60x60 mm aluminum profile pole or a 60/2 mm galvanized steel post as standard. The profile of the Aluminum Pole is developed by A-Aidat Oy and has managed to maximize the strength of the I-bar and the closed-profile rotational stiffness. The fence posts are usually installed at 3 m intervals.

Color options for the chain link mesh

It is possible to get the PVC coated steel mesh in color. The standard colors of the fence are dark green (RAL6005) or dark gray (RAL7016), light gray (RAL7023). Other colors are available on request.