Dog enclosures

Dog enclosures

When planning a suitable sized outdoor enclosures for dogs, take into account the size and the breed of the dog, the location of the shelter, and whether the dog house is for permanent or temporary use. From our selection of X-Dog enclosures, you can choose standard-sized sheds or design your own dog house for the best dog litter elements or dog netting that we make as roller. All dog nets and parts of farmyard elements are made of hot-dip galvanized steel wire, so that dog kennels can withstand weathering and rust for years. The sturdy X-dog enclosure is a long-lasting purchase.

Preventing dog escape

The safety of dogs is an important issue and therefore we have tried to pay attention to it on our part. The dog's door opens only inwards and has an easy-to-use latch that can also be locked inside the shelter. The door element has a threshold because it also prevents the dog from opening when the door is opened. Inside the dog yard there are also available inwardly foldable inward-folding over-wrap protectors.

Measurements of the dog enclosure elements

We produce 1.8m and 2m high dog enclosure elements. The widths of the elements are 1.5m, 2m and 3m. Elements can be shortened if necessary to shorten to any size. The doggy elements are made from a solid 4mm yarn. The mesh size at the bottom of the mesh element is 75 x 125mm and the top of the element is 75 x 2150mm. The bottom thread of the top, middle and bottom hinges is 6mm and the edge yarns are 5mm.

Räätälöity koiratarha elementeistä


The home yards are different sizes and shapes, so in some cases the only and best option is to make a tailor-made outdoor garden for dogs with suitable elements for your own yard. We will help you find the most suitable alternative.

Koiraverkon mittatiedot

Rullatavarana myytävä koiraverkko on 2m korkeaa ja yhdessä rullassa on yhteensä 20m verkkoa. Verkon silmäkoko on 75x100mm korkeuteen 750mm asti ja yläosassa verkon silmäkoko on 100x150mm. Verkko on hitsattu 2,5mm vahvuisesta kuumasinkitystä teräslangasta ja soveltuu parhaiten esim. juoksutarhaksi. Myös vahvaa 3,0mm langasta hitsattua kennelverkkoa löytyy 20m rullissa, joka soveltuu hyvin koiratarhaksi. 

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